Myth of the Eternal Return, returned 

A multi-projection looping video installation, greenhouse, sand, plants, wood, 5,000 plastic bags, burlap, yarn and crystals, mp3 and speakers. 9' x 9' x 8'

​Link to the video:

Cerebral Stimulator with Synthesis Modulator 

​Rewire your brainwaves, tuning and toning by tweaking lights and sound. Donna Haraway uses the metaphor of a cyborg to push beyond the limits of  gender, feminism, and politics. Imagine a posthuman world where the binary code unravels the confining binary boxes of identity-freeing ourselves from quantified limitations into a new space of possibility.  Discover and play your brain with this luminary sonic interface with boundless combintations, breaking through to evocative auditory dimensions one light, tone and neuron at a time. 

Home made circuits, 3 different colored LEDS, headphones and googles. 2017

Metaphysics of the Skin

Stroboscopic googles that use corresponding binaural tones launch the participant into a hallucinatory space reaching the primal architecture of the mind and visual cortex. Entopic patterns emerge into a game operated by the users mind and limited only by the imagination. As one moves through levels of geometry one can see how the universe is constructed.  2014

Altered State Hood

This portable installation is a subversion of torture devices and methods used both in history and the present. While the use of sensory deprivation can can connote negative sentiments it has long been used for exploring our internal worlds by shutting down our primary sense vision.  A Hypno-Narrative audio in the hood guides participants on a peaceful internal voyage while a microphone captures the breath. As this breath is captured it is amplifed and fed through a speaker on the chest. This produces  biofeedback,  enhancing the immersive experience through uncharted terrains of the mind. 

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Laboring Prayers: A Simple Device for Ancestor Communications

Interactive audio installation located in Bogota, Colombia is an ode to the working-class labors in both kitchens and construction whose Pre-Colombian ancestors constructed the many ancient sites around the country. These monuments acted as spaces for communion with deities and channels with the invisible realms. This pyramid was constructed from the ventilation one would find in an industrial kitchen, the steel was hammered into a more pyramidal shape and set atop a wooden resonance chamber. It contains a composition that includes; an electromagnetic frequency recordings of construction around Bogota (made audible through a converter), a past life regression hypnosis session and an out of body experience demonstration. 

Based on the esoteric principle that the pyramidal structure amplifies energies much in the same way that a violin's shape amplfies acoustics, participants are invited to lay inside the steel structure becoming part of the acoustic architecture traveling time through thier vibrating bodyscape. As the story unfolds auditory layers pulse from below, ringing and circulating sounds between, wood, metal and flesh. This sound combination acts as a vehicle, reifying the link between, past, present and future. 2017

Monument to Electro Music Dieties

By modifying the spectral properties of this laser harps interface participants bodies relocate to other areas of reality reflected by the changing compositions.  The hand designed laser harp is run using a homemade circuit, an Arduino, a power source and 6 lasers. The participants can create new compositions depending on the amount of players, dancers and decisions with infinite possibilities.  This has been incorporated in Stunting Trio by choreographer Wendell Cooper aka Mx.Oops and interacted publicly throughout New York City.  2014

Journey to the Hollerin' Earth and other Lies

Crisis has a strange way of prompting us to wake up and acknowledge we are not just individuated units of consciousness. In essence we are specks of free will, interdependent with the larger environment, its creatures and energies, woven in a mysterious cosmic dance.
After a disturbing though not unexpected 2016 election, I set out on a journey to the ends of the Earth. Prompted by a haunting dream I had 15 years earlier, I boarded a handmade wooden, 14 meter, aluminum hulled boat with 7 others. A motley mix of scientists, artists and sailors, we set across the vast expanse of the moody Drakes Passage to Antarctica. With no heat, showers or enough fuel to make the roundtrip, we were left at the mercy of the winds.
Antarctica is an experimental terrain, shrouded in mythical history, “regulated” by a treatise that is being used to speculate space colonization and off Earth resource exploitation. A place where climate scientists collect nuanced data whose findings we as a public, may not see for decades. A land where covert military experiments tie directly to wars being fought in the Middle East. This ecosystem of extremes revealed through sonic landscapes, endless seas and ice presents a mapping of the liminal spaces between fact and fiction, accountability and passivity, imagination and possibility.
This is a personal account of near death, surrender and a radical and relentless pursuit of understand the interdependent experience we share with the biosphere. (More info on the interactive experience on the link. )

Cosmic Anthropology: Living Samples

Live Performance and Interactive Installation

Djing using a handcrafted instrument, gold record and collected Earthen objects, live analog sounds were transferred and digitized via Ableton into one set of speakers. A third speaker emitted live audio created by the audience as they walked through and touched the stairwell igniting sensors that bellowed sounds of the planets and the stars. Together this sonic landscape created a live mix evoking the ear tickling mysteries of Musica universalis. 2018

Signal to Noise - The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees and Columbia Astronomy Public Outreach  
In 1966, artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman and Bell Labs engineers Billy Klüver and Fred Waldhauer established the collective Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) with the intention of promoting collaborations between artists and scientists, thus initiating what is now recognized as a watershed effort in nurturing new kinds of interdisciplinary exchange. In the spirit of such collaborations, The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees and Columbia’s Astronomy Public Outreach program present Signal to Noise, an interdisciplinary salon centering on the topic of sounds of the solar system. A talk by a Columbia astronomer, the presentation of sound and video art pieces, and the distribution of a zine will take place in a variety of locations in Columbia’s Pupin Hall—a lecture hall, a library, and a stairwell—and will be followed by public access to the department’s observatory for stargazing. Featuring projects that simultaneously embrace, reconfigure, and trouble scientific data and technological ideals, Signal to Noise aims to create an overlapping dialogue that playfully underscores both the confluences and points of fracture between artistic and scientific perspectives. 

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Journey to the Hollerin' Earth - Antarctica VR Doc Excerpt 90 sec from domi k on Vimeo.

Ode to Yemanja

An auditory journey through my life threatening experience on the Drake's Passage. As we neared Antarctica in our 14 meter sailboat, we were struck by a violent storm. Pulled out to sea with a broken sail, failed engines and eight meter waves rocking us to a near roll. We nauseously awaited the inevitable enclosed in darkness. The howling winds left no comfort as creaking and cracking handmade wooden boat edged towards doom and unknown. 

Suspended in the hammock like chair, participants sway physically and aurally with the binaural recording made on the 38th hour below deck, an insignificant body at the mercy of the powerful Antarctic seas. This sonic sensorium hopes to create an evocative space of surrender, where surely one understands the saying in the southern seas, 'Here, the weather is god.' 2017

In process

A sound sculpture that doubles as a camera obscura. Thin layers of mahogany shape this sphere while warmly amplifying  reverberations of nature as a panoramic of the forest is viewed inside the spheres smooth interior. This piece uses materials and shape to explore auditory and optical phenomenology through analog means. Based on a dream I had about Pythagoras' music of the spheres, I told Joe Corsi pictured above about a complex idea and together we spent months designing, redesigning and building this delicate portable sensorial work.  To be completed soon!


Ascension Throne 

A meditative sculpture woven with crystals and plants, that emits a composition of five combinations of binaural tones in an unconventional manner, sans headphones. The sculpture is activated when one sits in the converted gaming chair. The purring frequencies pump through deep bass speakers built into the chair urging a state of calming repetition. As they resonate through the body, participants experience the tones viscerally as well as audibly. Unlike the disruptive nature of gunshots, missiles and bombs found in many of today's action packed videogames, Acension Throne serves as a mediator of tranquility and deep relaxation. 2013

Shores of the Abyss Chamber Symphony

Installation shots and schematics from Shores of the Abyss presented at  Witte de With Contemporary Rotterdam, Netherlands as part of the show NO HUMANS INVOLVED with HDYSYIA?.  The seven pentagonal acoustic chambers resonate seven unique haunting compositions unfolding in space as one ever morphing symphony evoking the ancestors, the histories, atrocities and relationships that took place on the Middle Passage. Each time a participant enters a chamber opening and closing the wooden hatch, integrating their bodies mass and cavity with that of the cocooning chamber a direct impact is initiated to the sweeping soundscape. As the subwoofer molds the deep bass passing through the participant body, it ignites a non-ordinary state of consciousness through sensory deprivation, sound and vibration. 

Sonic Cryptography

A synthesis module with dried brugmansia datura that amalgamates hand built circuits, medicinal plant energy, dual oscillators and a speakers to amplify an auditory codex of high and low frequencies taking sonic travelers to electro-mystical realms.

Tuning Chamber

An auditory and physiological experience in which the participant stands in a sensory deprivation chamber for 12 minutes while hearing and feeling the emitted composition. During this period 6 pure tones of varied frequency immerse the participant externally and internally provoking a state of non-ordinary consciousness. Here unfolds a moment of non‑visual perception, vibrating calmly into an expanse of what appears to be infinite space bringing forth a combinatory state of meditation and lucid dreaming. The participants are invited to hum or sing along with the tones further activating their bodies chamber. This initiates a psychoacoustic phenomenon whose audio signature is solely experienced by the individual, leaving each person with their own private sonic composition. In a sense dowsing one with an aural cleansing from the cacophony of the city's noisescape.

Sink or Swim

A hypno-narrative deep listening installation featured  in The Rockaways. The piece "Sink or Swim" created in collaboration with hypnotist Shauna Cummings, is a Hypnotic Soundscape Exploring the reality of ocean pollution and the nature of consciousness. Participants will travel to both potentially disastrous and hopeful futures of ocean life through a guided imaginary journey in their mind. The listening will be composed of binaural beats designed to synch both hemispheres of the brain, sensory immersive hypnotic language and a symphony of sounds entirely found and recorded in the Rockaway Peninsula; a music box excavated from a house destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, the sounds of seabirds, water on rocks, wind and waves. In a world where our desires and imagination are increasingly conditioned and commodified by social media and advertising,  the hypno-narrative experience seeks to explore the imagination as a sovereign realm for independent thought and an incubator for activism. Link to audio below. 2018

Fields App

Fields is a spatial sound creation tool that uses augmented reality to turn your surrounding space into a sonic canvas. It requires nothing more than headphones and a mobile device, and features three-dimensional installations. The sounds I use are recorded in using binaural mics and hydrophones in Antarctica during a residency. Several wonderful avant garde artists are featured on this radical app. 2018

Territorial Hissings

Queen's Museum November-Dec 6 2018

A sound workshop inviting LGBTQI, non-binary and female identified people to discuss and unravel experiences of verbal and physical harassment that have taken place in the streets or a public locations in a safe creative space. Together we created a geo-gendered narrative, recording and mixing dialogues through reenactments, the cityscape and foley. As a group we mapped the terrain around the Queens Museum directing the listener to varied locations augmenting the personal narratives of each participant with that of the day to day. Through this immersion I hope to provide an empathetic experience for listeners and a space of support and catharsis for participants.  A map guides the walk trasmuting the space through physical and psychological discovery. During the workshop portion, participants learned how to use recording tools such as recorders, various microphones, binaural recording techniques and more several participants unable to attended sent stories recorded via mobile devices. A final mix is online as an MP3 download along with a map that guides the psycho-sonicscape. 
No technical skills necessary just openness, a kind heart and space for compassionate listening.

Link to the audio walk and map: